Brazilian Wax Experience

Pheww….!!! Whoever says pain makes you stronger indeed haven’t experienced Brazilian wax yet.

Hi guys, I am Amandeep, and I will be sharing my life experiences with you all through my blog. I hope you guys find them relatable.

I know I went a little bold with my first topic but then I wanted to share my near-to-death-once-in-a-lifetime experience with you.

Before we begin, let me tell you guys it’s not going to be a pretty image, but you’ll learn to deal with it, just like you deal with all those creepy dm’s you get from boys.

My First Ever Brazilian Wax Experience

Here goes nothing-

I started Brazilian wax last year only, and I am 26years old and not married so that you know. It took me around a whole year to settle the idea only of removing my underwear and lying in front of someone, apparently not for the pleasure but the enduring pain.

To prepare me for this, I talked to Kajal( my go-to-salon-person) to understand how it works and how much pain it would be. She tried to make me comfortable and told me how normal it is nowadays and how they have many customers availing the same service, and I only need to prepare myself mentally for it, and she’ll do the rest.

Finally, the day arrived, and we started with the cleaning process. After cleaning myself, I lay down, panty’s down, for her to enter the room (could have been a nice line for a sex story, though).

Just like marriage, no one ever prepares you for such things in life. Although, they really should.

We started with trimming down my fucking long hair, which by the way, could have been easily braided, and then came the wax, starting with the small patches. I went with Rica, and I would personally recommend that you begin with trimming and not using the big, long wax strips right away. Why make the process more painful na.

The small strokes on the upper side were bearable until we started going further down and down. Let me ask you something; did you ever try something new, thinking it would be fun and then regret it a minute later? Why did you do it? It was that same feeling of REGRET for me when I walked through the salon’s door that day.

While I was thinking all this, Kajal was pouring fucking hot wax on the sides of my vagina, and I could feel the heated wax to my soul. I told her to wait for a second so that I could thank God and my family and friends for such an extraordinary life they’d have given me (Anyhow, it would be hilarious to hear the news one day that someone died while having a Brazilian wax) and then she pulled the wax off….!!!!!

I think not only the salon’s members, but also their neighbors might have heard my scream.! Just kidding, I didn’t scream that much, but I most definitely screamed “fuck” out loud. I took a minute to recover from, and after 5-6 screams, we finished the main division, I want to say.

At last, I put up my legs (waiting for the baby to come out) basically for getting my ass exploded, apparently from hairs. It hardly took 2-4mins for the butt area, and frankly, it wasn’t that painful. And, well, after coming back to life from such an unbearable misery, it felt like a pinch (“bichum”, according to my sister) to me.

Haaaaa….!!!! Finally, she cleaned the rest-up and oh how soft and clean it felt, just like a newborn’s-skin-soft. The whole process took around 30-45mins for me, and since then, I try to go once every two months as the growth starts only after a month or so(another plus point).

I want to give a little advice to all my girls out there who are thinking about having a Brazilian wax for the first time, talk to your go-to-person, fully prepare yourself and do try it because it does have its perks (if you know what I mean, wink wink).

And with that note, hair or no hair, it’s your choice whether you want it or go for other alternatives or stay natural.

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    1. --Amansays says:

      Thanku anuj

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  2. Bichumm🤣🤣👍👍

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  3. telugubloggersreenadh says:

    I m also 26.
    Same pinch.

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